Welcome to County Line Hatchery

Welcome to County Line Hatchery.   Located in a small town in Eastern Iowa, we reap the benefits of small town living. Surrounded by family and great neighbors, our business is thriving.  

We take pride in being able to offer a variety of poultry to our customers.  We offer some higher end stock that would be suitable for showing, as well as production stock with that necessary "hybrid vigor."  

We are one of the only hatcheries that offers the option to ship Chicks, Ducklings, Guineas, Goslings, Turkeys and Peafowl all in the same shipment.  We do not drop ship, all of our poultry is shipped from one address.

All of the photos on this website are taken of our birds.  All rights are reserved on the content of this site, and may not be used without written permission from County Line Hatchery.

As we are continually upgrading our website, please check back often for updates!